Goddard Space Flight Center

Greenbelt, Maryland

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There is a Place for You at Goddard

In the course of over 50 years, Goddard has launched more than 300 missions. This is a point in pride for the Goddard workforce. Continuing to find the right individuals who are dedicated to our mission, values, and are willing to learn and grow will provide Goddard the ability to have continued success in the future.

Goddard offers many career opportunities for scientists, engineers, technicians, and professionals. No matter which path you choose, you will definitely be apart of the Goddard family.

Professional, Engineering and Scientific (60% of NASA's positions)
Occupations in this category require knowledge in a specialized field such as science, math, engineering, law or accounting (depending on the specific position). These positions generally require a bachelor's degree or higher degree with major study in a specialized field. This group covers positions such as:

  • Accounting, GS-510
  • Aerospace Engineering, GS-861
  • Biology, GS-401
  • Computer Engineering, GS-854
  • Computer Science, GS-1550
  • General Engineering, GS-801
  • Meteorology, GS-1340

Administrative and Management (24% of NASA's positions)
Occupations in this category require knowledge of principles, concepts, and practices associated with organizations, administration or management. While these positions do not require specialized education (except for contracting positions), they do involve the type of skills (analytical, research, writing, judgment) typically gained through a college level education, or through progressively responsible experience. This group covers positions such as:

  • Administrative Specialist, GS-301
  • Budget Analyst, GS-560
  • Contract Specialist, GS-1102
  • Information Technology Specialist, GS-2210
  • Public Affairs Specialist, GS-1035

Clerical and Administrative Support (7% of NASA's positions)
Occupations in this category provide general office or program support duties such as preparing, receiving, reviewing, and verifying documents; processing transactions; maintaining office records; or locating and compiling data or information from files. This group covers positions such as:

  • Accounting Technician, GS-525
  • Clerk-Typist, GS-322
  • Management Assistant, GS-344
  • Office Automation Clerk, GS-326
  • Procurement Clerk, GS-1106
  • Secretary, GS-318

Technical and Medical Support (9% of NASA's positions)
Occupations in this category support professional or administrative work. Duties require practical knowledge of techniques and equipment, gained through experience and/or specific training less than that represented by college graduation. This group covers positions such as:

  • Electronics Technician, GS-856
  • Engineering Technician, GS-802
  • Meteorological Technician, GS-1341

Goddard Employment Benefits

  • Paid vacations, holidays, and sick leave
  • Major medical and life insurance
  • Retirement/investment plans
  • Training
  • Education Advancement
  • Membership in employee associations
  • Challenging, interesting work
  • Financial and job security
  • Family friendly workplace

On-Site Services

  • Gym
  • Health Unit
  • Credit Union
  • Postal Service
  • Child Development Center
  • Dining Facilities
  • Special Events for Employees

Morale, Quality of Work Life, Goddard Clubs

Goddard promotes a strong focus on having a productive work environment while enhancing the employee experience. There are many things that contribute to the quality of worklife at Goddard Space Flight Center. Beyond the valuable work that we do, there are programs, activities, and other amenities that help balance work and personal lives, develop careers, and enhance the work experience. There are numerous special events that are held to promote various interests of the community such as viewing Shuttle and project launches, craft fairs, wellness festivals, and Celebrate Goddard Day. For nearly every hobby or interest, an organization exists for employees to gather to together, network, and share a common bond.

What to Expect Here at Goddard Space Flight Center

Expect the best! Once onboard, you will realize that Goddard is a great place to start your career. Even with a campus like environment, friendly co-workers, and a flexible work schedule, Goddard Space Flight Center will challenge your abilities and you will definitely see growth in yourself. Remember, Goddard is home to innovative minds like yourself, so why not become part of the team?

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